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Ross Geach: Outstanding in his field

Amidst the outstandingly beautiful Trerethern Farm on the North Coast of Cornwall, lies Padstow Kitchen Garden: 4 acres of land nourished, nurtured and tended-to by 6th generation farmer and former Stein’s head-chef, Ross Geach. Ross writes a monthly column in the gardening section of the Telegraph, appears monthly on Radio Cornwall’s Gardenline and was featured on Countryfile.

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nourished, nurtured and tended-to vegetables


From baby leeks and baby herbs, to kales and edible flowers, Padstow Kitchen Garden supplies an enticing variety of delicious and high-quality produce. Following years of experimentation (and a few mistakes!); knowledge of cheating the seasons, and the use of polytunnels, Padstow Kitchen Garden can extend the availability of items throughout the year.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of growing your own vegetables to create fabulously nutritious meals, why not spend the day with Ross at beautiful Trerethern Farm in Padstow and learn how to establish your own kitchen garden. This fun but informative course is for gardeners of all abilities and no previous experience is required, although a passion for all things green-fingered is a bonus! Former head chef, Ross, will also prepare a scrumptious lunch made with ingredients sourced from the farm.

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Private Consultancy

If you require specific one-to-one advice on creating and managing a kitchen garden on any scale, for your restaurant or at home, please contact Ross on 07974 697191 or email ross@padstowkitchengarden.co.uk

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The YBF’s Winner 2017

We’re proud to have won this years YBF’s, a highly recognised national food & drink awards celebrating fresh talent from across the country.