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Passionate about growing and rearing first class produce

Unfortunately due to the current restrictions for COVID 19, we are not planning any events at Padstow Kitchen Garden for the foreseeable.


Here at Padstow Kitchen Garden we don’t just aim to wow and entertain our guests, we also look to inform and educate people on how important high welfare and seasonality is.

The dishes at these events are always based around what is growing in the garden at the time of the pop up, with the main course quite often being pork, from the farms own pedigree large blacks Cornish pigs.

Everything is cooked outdoors on The Big Green Egg or the OFYR fire pit, giving the food a delicious smoky flavour.

Taking inspiration from foodie travels and knowledge from a ‘cheffing’ background the menu is never the same, so you can always expect something different.

A new twist on this year’s pop ups will be collaborations with guest chefs and other foodie experts.

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