Big Green Egg Sales & Advice

Ross’ love for the Big Green Egg started in 2013. He first used a MiniMax at home, before purchasing all the other sizes to cook on at private parties, weddings and even his own polytunnel pop ups. Ross has also worked for Big  Green Egg as an ‘Eggspert’ teaching people how to use them, over a 2 day course at River Cottage HQ.

Padstow Kitchen Garden is proud to now be an associate seller for Big Green Egg. After years of experience cooking with the Eggs, Ross says there is no other barbecue he’d rather cook on, and we’d love to tell you more about why you should buy them from us, and how there really is no better option.

What is the Big Green Egg?

Handmade, NASA-inspired ceramics. All weather, lid-down cooking. The ability to cook anything, anywhere. Fast lighting and epic burn times. Ultimate airflow control, and unprecedented ease of use. This is the recipe for the best and most versatile outdoor oven in the world. After years of experience cooking with the Eggs Ross says there is no other barbecue he’d rather cook on, and by reading on you’ll find out why.

What size is right for you?

The MiniMax is proof that big things come in small packages. It’s a perfect match for smaller families or adventure lovers. It will make a statement in backyards but is also an ideal fit for balconies. Take it to the beach, camping – the portable MiniMax will follow you wherever the winds take you.

The Large is the  most popular EGG size – spot on for large families or couples who love to have friends over. Large enough for a serious low and slow brisket, hosting perfect pizza parties, or even roasting 2 legs of lamb at once. With the widest range of EGGcessories and largest selection of bases, the world is your smoked oyster with the Large EGG.

The hardworking X-Large EGG provides a cooking area that can easily accommodate meals for larger families and regular cookouts for more than 12 people. You can efficiently prepare several meals over the coals at once. Ready to serve up twelve racks of ribs, 24 burgers or a couple of Christmas turkeys with all the trimmings? No problem!

Why should YOU buy an egg?

You’re already here, which means you want one… Right? 

They’re ready to use in just 12 minutes! With the power to cook anything to a restaurant standard, minimal clean up too!

Normal BBQ’s get put out by the rain, but not this one! Even the snow won’t dampen the performance of your Egg. Living in the UK we think this is a really important factor and just another reason why this is the only BBQ you should be using.

Big Green Eggs will safely cook large joints of meat with no problems at all. Whole chickens, racks of ribs, shoulders of pork, even whole fish cooks like a dream on these BBQ’s. The immense, unique, smokey flavour you’ll achieve is second to none. You’ll never want to cook in a normal oven again. 

Did you know the Eggs use space age technology? They use NASA grade ceramics for insulation which elongates burn and maximizes cooking time. A key feature of the Big Green Egg is that you can walk away from it for the day whilst cooking a joint and be confident that the temperature will remain rock solid. You’ll arrive home to a joint that is cooked to perfection. 

By purchasing from Ross you’ll have access to exclusive deals and many other benefits such as…

  • A direct line to Ross for any questions, queries, advice or tips, before and after you have purchased your barbecue. You’ll be speaking to someone with 7 years of experience and knowledge. Someone who uses the Eggs on a daily if not weekly basis, come rain or shine.
  • If you live in Cornwall Ross will provide a free service of visiting you and helping you to get started and set up your Egg, with a complimentary BBQ pack from Nancarrow Farm.
  • If you live outside of Cornwall Ross will set up a zoom or facetime call where he will ‘virtually’ be there to assist you when lighting the Egg for the first time and provide you with a complimentary BBQ pack from Nancarrow Farm via courier.
  • You can purchase anything from the Big Green Egg website through Ross, whether it be the Eggs, barbecue benches, nests or ‘eggcessories’. You can also purchase anything from their sister brand OFYR too, via Ross.
  • Bespoke lessons for groups. A fun, and informative ‘eggperience’ to be enjoyed with family or friends.
  • Help and advice on what Egg would suit you best, and the ‘eggcessories’ to help you get the best out of your new barbecue.

If you are interested in buying an Egg or even if you just have a question please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form below!