Big Green Egg Course 13th October


Thursday 13th October, 10am – 4pm

Come and enjoy a full day of hands on bbq’ing using the famous Big Green Egg’s. Ross has over 10 years of experience using these bbq’s, and he wants to help you to make the most of using yours. He will let you in on all of his tips and tricks, advice and go-to recipes.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert when it comes to the Egg’s, or maybe you are even considering buying one and would like to know a bit more about them, this day really is perfect for anyone. Using meat and veg from the farm, local fish and shellfish, Ross has put together a delicious menu ready for an informative, yet fun day where he will show you how versatile the Egg’s really are, and all they have to offer.

Brief overview of the day:

  • Arrive at the farm at 10am, aim to finish with a sit down dinner at 4pm
  • Introductions, tea and coffee, Ross will go over the day and you will pair up
  • Set up and light your eggs, discuss regulating temperature
  • Low and slow talk and set up, joint of pork to prep
  • Making breakfast on the eggs and the OFYR
  • Prep planks for soaking
  • Pork chops with a cider sauce, learning how to sear, rest and make the sauce
  • Next up is using the coals, you will be making ‘dirty beets’
  • Whilst the beetroot is cooking, Ross will give you a quick tour of the garden, harvesting a few greens for you to cook on the egg, also showing you the pigs and explaining the importance of high welfare, free range meat 
  • Remove beetroot and prep ready for next dish 
  • Time to use the planks for a mackerel dish. You will also learn how to butterfly a mackerel and make a rustic chermoula to serve with it, alongside the dirty beets. Enjoy this at the table, wine and beer included
  • Cooking shellfish, Ross will talk you through how he cooks mussels wrapped in tinfoil. You can choose between making moules mariniere or Thai green curry
  • Whilst the mussels are cooking, Ross will demonstrate prepping a lobster. You will then get the chance to prep one yourself if you’d like, before cooking on the Egg and making an Nduja butter to pour over it
  • The final cook of the day will be preparing sides for the slow cooked pork that went on at the beginning of the day. You’ll prep and char baby gem that you will have cut earlier, along with any other veggies you may have harvested. You will get the chance to cook some crushed new potatoes on the OFYR plancha and make a chimichurri to serve with your pork.
  • Everyone will sit down together at the table and enjoy their meals, beer, wine and soft drinks will be included and you will get the chance to ask any questions and go over the day

Food is subject to change depending on availability that day. This fabulous course is restricted to just 10 people to ensure each participant receives a thorough understanding of the Big Green Egg’s. For further information, please email

Information on refund and cancellation policies here.

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