Pork, Smoke, Cure and Grill – 18th April


Join us for a pork workshop at Padstow Kitchen Garden

With Steve Lamb & Ross Geach


Steve Lamb, known best for his time at River Cottage, has an extensive knowledge of food and specialises in smoking and curing. His talent for hosting live demos and genuine passion to educate people on his specialist subjects make him the perfect tutor

We are excited to announce that Steve, who is also a friend, will be hosting this course with us at the farm. ‘Pork, Smoke, Cure & Grill’ will cover a range of different methods throughout the day all aimed at inspiring confidence with practical, hands on learning, showcasing the versatility of the pig and how easy it is to create your own porky products

The day will run from 10am – 4pm and you will learn basic butchery demonstrated on one of our very own pedigree large black Cornish pigs. Steve will teach you how to cure pork belly to make bacon, how to make your own chorizo, hot and cold smoking techniques as well as the importance of high welfare and much more. 

Tea, coffee and pastries will be available on arrival whilst introductions are made and an overview of the day is given. 

Your morning will be spent touring the garden with Ross, getting a real idea of what’s actually growing at that time of year. This will be followed by a hands on couple of hours with Steve learning about butchery, the primary cuts and the different ways to smoke and cure pork. 

Just before you stop for some food, Ross will demonstrate cooking on The Big Green Eggs and OFYR Fire pit and from his professional chef background, give advice on the best ways and his favourite ways to cook and serve pork.

For lunch, it would be rude to not serve the pork you’ll have butchered up yourself, so chops with seasonal veg and salad from the garden is on the menu. Cooked by Ross on The Big Green Eggs and served in the polytunnel, this zero mile dish will be paired with wine from BinTwo and will be a celebration of everything field to fork.

Your afternoon will consist of making sausages and chorizo using the pork mince from our pedigree pigs and a look into the lesser known cuts of pork and how delicious and easy to cook they are. 

The day will finish up at around 4pm, you will take home with you a joint of meat from our farm, Steve Lamb’s award winning River Cottage Smoking and Curing Handbook and a new found love for pork.

This day is aimed at foodie enthusiasts, domestic culinary gods and goddesses, beginners and chefs looking to broaden their knowledge professionally.

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